Stop at complacency and grow up in brainstorming.

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Although the wardrobe market is in the development period of the industry, it is inevitable that with the continuous changes of society, some old brand enterprises are also facing new challenges. Under the survival of the fittest in the market, some enterprises that created amazing wealth in the market first went bankrupt, some were struggling on the profit and loss line, and some were gradually fading from people's vision. In this situation, those old enterprises and brands that have grown up rapidly in the period of reform and opening up have become an inevitable choice to seek self breakthrough. Stop at complacency and grow up in brainstorming, the overall wardrobe brand Deville

social trends are constantly changing, and wardrobe enterprises are constantly facing new challenges.

the basis of consumer behavior is the direct impact of popular culture. At the beginning of reform and opening up, people focused on learning from the west, so that suits and jeans became people's trendy standard accessories. In families, western style panel furniture has entered thousands of households without barriers. After more than 30 years of reform and opening up, people have fully understood the essence of western culture. Environmental protection, pluralism, nationality and personalization are becoming a new social trend of thought. Under the influence of this social popular culture, solid wood furniture, color furniture, American furniture and Nordic furniture have been able to find their own living space, and Chinese furniture has also had a large number of fans. Customized furniture has made great progress in the pursuit of individuality. With the continuous changes of popular social thoughts, wardrobe enterprises are also constantly facing new challenges. In the future, Chinese society will continue to make progress in the fair distribution of wealth, and the harmonious development of the whole people has become a new goal. In this context, wardrobe enterprises that are suitable for this new social trend of thought can find their own living space

the main force of the consumer market has shifted, depicting a new picture of furniture consumption

furniture enterprise consumers such as wardrobe are undergoing new changes, and the post-80s and 90s are gradually becoming the main force of market consumption. If the post-60s and Post-70s people's view of wealth is dominated by more accumulation and less consumption, then the post-80s and post-90s have achieved a balance between accumulation and consumption. Especially after the 1990s, hedonism consumption concept prevails, and its consumption characteristics are closer and closer to western countries. With the increasing voice of post-90s consumers, the wardrobe consumption market will naturally undergo substantial changes

compared with their previous generation, the post-90s' consumption outlook is characterized by greater diversity. Compared with the post-60s and Post-70s, they have a higher viewpoint, more demanding requirements, and more difficult to grasp consumption characteristics. The post-90s' consumption strength is also more uneven, and their income differences are huge. In front of this new consumption picture, how should wardrobe enterprises deal with it? The previous extensive market research has obviously been difficult to deal with, and the use of a variety of market research methods is inevitable. The post-80s and post-90s are facing a new China with a high accumulation of wealth and a more colorful world. They have a wide range of interests, higher artistic cultivation, a more diverse world outlook and a more diverse behavior model. All these have drawn a new picture of furniture consumption such as wardrobe

customized furniture enterprises have risen strongly and rewritten the market pattern of the industry

every era has its own heroes, especially in the wardrobe industry. Under the new consumption background, the impact of new brands should not be underestimated. Some new brands, with the help of their accurate grasp of the market, have risen strongly, which has overshadowed many old brands. Their rewriting of the market pattern is sometimes long-term and stable, rather than the "flash in the pan" that old brands judge wishfully. There are emerging forces in the market. Among these new brands, there are indeed those with weak foundations that wither rapidly, but there are also real strong ones that firmly occupy their own territory and become strong enemies of old brands

even today, there are still a large number of finished furniture enterprises that are not optimistic about the new customized furniture enterprises and think that the future of customization is in jeopardy. In fact, customized furniture and finished furniture run on two tracks, but the space pressure of customized furniture on finished furniture is obvious. Finished furniture enterprises certainly have their own living space, but the brand-new thinking of customized furniture is something that finished furniture has to learn. That is, as some finished furniture enterprises claim: to become a home space service provider and provide a brand-new lifestyle, Not just pieces of furniture. New brands not only impact the original furniture market through products, but also impact the original furniture market through channel innovation. If the old furniture brands cannot offer effective coping strategies, they will inevitably be beaten passively

stop at complacency and grow up in "brainstorming"

in fact, success is both capital and often a cage of complacency. Old brand wardrobe enterprises usually have rich experience in market operation, a large number of talents and channels. On this basis, old brands are more likely to be complacent and despise new trends, new methods and new products in the market. Old brands often tend to stick to their existing routines, and it is difficult to realize that the danger is coming. This self paralysis mechanism is common in powerful old brand enterprises

but the cruel history of market development tells us that no enterprise can be strong forever. Those enterprises that have survived for a hundred years usually have experienced several changes. Therefore, in the future, the growth of old wardrobe brands should depend on the growth of cultural strength. The breakthrough of corporate culture will bring new growth space in the future. On the contrary, without brainstorming and real cultural growth, the mass extinction of old brands is not alarmist. In other areas, this is already a fact, not a prediction

of course, the phenomenon of brand aging does not exist only in the wardrobe industry, but in all walks of life under the background of commodity economy. Therefore, in the new era of consumption, if you want to avoid being eliminated by the market and put an end to complacency, it is an inevitable choice to have a brainstorming and seek self breakthrough

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