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At this rare moment of gathering, Qu Xiaomei also joined in the fun, sharing a few stories about the new year and the new home, quietly sharing them with you

New Year's Eve is approaching

the air is full of the smell of returning home

at this rare moment of reunion

Qu Xiaomei also joins in the excitement

share a few stories about the new year and the new home


share with you

"go back to your home or my home?"

when Mr. Yu just got the certificate, the new house was still under decoration. We spread a large piece of paper on the floor of the rented house, and the two of us thought about the future of our new home with a stroke: here is my favorite bookshelf, and there is his exclusive collection... Mr. suddenly looked into my eyes and said, "in the future, we will have our own home."

there is heavy snow outside and love inside. This Spring Festival, we have decided to send our parents to our city from our hometown. The new home that is still in the process of gestation has changed thousands of colorful combinations in our minds

"let's go out for new year's Eve dinner?"

almost every Spring Festival, "New Year's Eve dinner" will become a sweet burden for us. Now everyone's living standards have improved, and they can eat some good food at ordinary times. It's really not easy to handle big fish and big meat. However, after eating out for several years, I always feel a little less warmth of reunion

when I was worried, the child's father smiled and said to me, "the new year's Eve dinner is always more warm at home. The family gathered around a table to enjoy the delicious food they cooked, so cooking has become a great fun for our Spring Festival activities!"

"children must like this."

"son, you have worked abroad for so many years. This year, you bring your daughter-in-law and grandchildren back for the new year for the first time. Your parents make your house look new and have a new feeling!"

put down the phone with a smile, and the old couple looked proudly at the new home, elegant, atmospheric, convenient, environmentally friendly, everything is full of love from parents to children

in this family, we experience all the important moments in our lives together. A beautiful home is the best gift

as the Spring Festival is approaching, Shenyang Qumei home appliances wishes everyone good health and family happiness, and "pig" is going well! We meet next year

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