What are the steps of new house decoration and wal

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Step 1: wall inspection and treatment

first, check the current situation of the wall. The cement wall needs to ensure that the wall is solid and flat; The white wall depends on its firmness and water resistance. If it is not water resistant, it needs to be eradicated and redone. If there is hollowing, it also needs to be eradicated. Check whether it is solid and flat

Step 2: protect the finished products

before painting the wall, we need to carefully protect the woodworking products and finished products in the home decoration to prevent dust and paint pollution

Step 3: sealing layer treatment

after the previous two steps, we can seal now. There are two aspects of sealing flavor. One is the filling of cracks, slots and holes. This can be done with repairing gypsum. Another is the curing of the wall base, which is generally done with curing agent. However, some cases still need to be solved with stickers with stronger curing ability




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