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The traditional bathroom is surrounded by walls, and the white walls are accessible to people when bathing. However, in general house types, the area of the bathroom is not open, and the restriction of vision during bathing has become a common problem in closed bathroom. In particular, many office workers who walk in a hurry in the City hope to get complete relaxation and freedom in the room. The narrow bathroom can no longer meet their requirements at this time

the emergence of open bathroom breaks through the traditional partition between space and vision, connecting the bathroom and bedroom space. Through full open or semi open design, owners can have a panoramic view of the bedroom, even the exterior of the windowsill and balcony when bathing

◆ large space and ventilation are the key

open bathroom has very high requirements for space size. Because the open bathroom avoids the obstruction of the wall and even the door, it is directly connected with the bedroom, and it is easy to produce a large amount of water vapor during bathing. Therefore, ventilation is the key to whether the bedroom can design an open bathroom

generally, the apartment with a bedroom area of 60 ㎡ and a bathroom of about 20 ㎡ is more suitable for designing open bathroom. In such a large space, the functional areas such as shower room, bathtub, washbasin and dressing room can be clearly distinguished. These spaces are connected by different channels to visually form a whole bathroom

in addition to ventilation, moisture resistance is also a factor to be considered in the design of open bathroom in the bedroom. Generally, the shower area and bathtub area of open bathroom need to be waterproof with a height of 1.8m, and the non shower area needs to be waterproof with a height of 300mm

◆ personality and privacy set the tone according to the bedroom style

although the open bathroom has strict requirements on the space size, a small space of about 10 ㎡ can also be designed as an open bathroom. The design of the open bathroom should set the tone according to the style of the bedroom, and meet the unique privacy of the bathroom while ensuring personality. Don't blindly pursue the openness of the bathroom because of personality

in a small space, the functional area of the bathroom needs to be selected, such as adding a nozzle to the bathtub to meet the needs of shower and bathing at the same time; Through waterproof and moisture-proof treatment, the dressing room and lavatory are integrated, which can not only ensure the complete functions of the bathroom, but also distinguish between dry and wet

the wall decoration of the open bathroom does not just stay on the ceramic tiles. In the design of modern bathroom, waterproof wallpaper, mirror, wood, brick surface and cement can often be cross used in the bathroom, making the open space more fashionable

◆ pure open bathroom vs semi open bathroom

according to the different space requirements of open bathroom, it can be divided into pure open bathroom and semi open bathroom. There is no obvious distinction between dry and wet in the pure open bathroom, but through the planning and design of the space. Because the pure open bathroom separates the shower room from the bathtub, the bathtub does not need to undertake the bathing function, and the water vapor generated by the bathtub will not be too much when it is used. In the design, a non slip carpet can be placed beside the bathtub for use when bathing

the shower room is a functional area that needs special treatment in the pure open bathroom. A large amount of water and steam will be produced during shower, so it is necessary to seal the shower room independently. The independently sealed shower room can be made of transparent materials such as glass. Owners who have strong privacy requirements can choose the transparent shower room, and owners who like colorful colors can choose the yellow, red and green shower room

although the semi open bathroom is visually less transparent than the pure open bathroom, it can still be visually connected with the bedroom through the treatment of glass partition walls




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