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The competition in the wardrobe market is fierce. The wardrobe enterprises admit that the pressure of enterprise management and operation is increasing, and the current development difficulties are nothing more than "serious product homogenization", "cold market", "fierce competition" and other reasons. However, according to the research of senior observers in the industry, despite the increasingly fierce competition in the wardrobe Market, the share of invisible channels in the market is also increasing. Facing the development environment of coexistence of advantages and disadvantages, how should wardrobe enterprises tap invisible channels suitable for enterprises? The only way for wardrobe enterprises to develop invisible channels is to join dewell

wardrobe enterprises should actively change their ideas and actively develop invisible channels

the times are developing, and wardrobe enterprises should also follow its development. E-commerce is in power. In order to win the market, wardrobe enterprises must first change their ideas, abandon the idea of being a businessman, and regard invisible channels as the main way of sales. At the beginning of brand development, we should establish the corresponding invisible channel framework, and spare no effort to make use of our interpersonal relationships in the development of invisible channels. A saying is increasingly popular in online sales: "although there is no one in the market, it does not mean that no one visits the market." This sentence also applies to the wardrobe industry. Why doesn't anyone go to the wardrobe Market? Because all links in the sales channel are invisible, including owners, purchasers, designers, project purchasers, etc. are invisible in restaurants, reception rooms, telephones, faxes and so on. The physical storefront has truly become an exhibition hall and marketing center. Therefore, wardrobe enterprises should develop these invisible channels and tap potential customers

at present, according to the purchase volume or importance, the invisible channels include engineering channels, designer channels, home decoration company channels, etc. Among them, the engineering channel is the channel with large procurement volume * and it is also the most difficult channel for public relations. Sometimes the procurement will adopt the bidding method. The key factors that determine the project procurement are: brand awareness, resources (relationships), product suitability for engineering, high quality and low price, etc; The main factors that determine the designer's channel procurement are: contacts, rebates, etc; The channels of home decoration companies are similar to those of designers, mainly including interpersonal relationships and rebates. In addition to the above three, some channels, such as online shopping and group shopping, also have some "invisible" properties. They are currently emerging sales channels, which are worth trying by enterprises

the establishment of invisible channels still needs the continuous maintenance of wardrobe enterprises.

invisible channels are a limited resource. The nature of developing invisible channels is to divide up the "cake" of the wardrobe Market. In the future, the sales volume of invisible channels will occupy most of the engineering market demand of the wardrobe industry. Whoever preempts will be able to obtain the future living space. Once the invisible channel is established, the wardrobe enterprise needs to maintain it continuously and turn it into a sustainable channel resource

in the author's opinion, the key to maintaining invisible channels is to set rebates, including the interests of buyers and invisible channel developers. The nature of rebate for buyers (designers are indirect buyers most of the time) is equal to that of merchants' own distributors. In the development and maintenance of invisible channels, wardrobe enterprises should be more clear about the meaning of "only permanent interests, no permanent friends". Interests are always a connection point. Without interests, business cannot continue for a long time. However, the number of interest points is related to the interests of businesses, purchasers and customers. Therefore, reasonable interest points should be formulated in combination with the actual situation, so as to balance the relationships among businesses, purchasers, employees and customers. It is not allowed to "kill the goose that lays the golden egg" for customers, let alone "kill the donkey" for purchasers

in short, wardrobe enterprises should actively develop invisible channels, tap potential customers in the wardrobe Market, establish their own invisible channels, and continue to maintain them to ensure the sustainable use of resources, so as to realize the sustainable development of enterprises and ensure the profits of wardrobe dealers

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