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What should you know when choosing environmental friendly wooden doors?

first, the environmental protection index of wooden doors

the limit of harmful substances in wooden furniture, formaldehyde emission (mg/l) ≤ 1.5, heavy metal content (color Limited paint) mg/kg, soluble lead ≤ 90, soluble cadmium ≤ 75, soluble chromium ≤ 60, soluble mercury

≤ 60 note: harmful substances produced by wooden furniture mainly come from man-made wooden plates and paint coatings

II. Classification and characteristics of wooden doors

the general forms of wooden doors include: plywood doors, paneled doors, flat doors, wooden grating glass doors, antique lattice doors, wooden metal lattice doors. The installation forms include swing door, sliding door, shuttle door, revolving door, etc. Craft wooden door is the general name of plywood door and panel door. Its form is more active, and its surface can be decorated with various exquisite lines. It can be used as both an indoor door and an outdoor main door

craft doors can be divided into: log colored wood doors, miscellaneous wood doors, solid wood veneered doors (veneers include teak, maple, Manchurian ash, oak, etc.)

1. Log color wood door. It is made of logs and processed directly with high process quality. It is characterized by luxury and beauty, thick shape, high price and easy deformation

2. Wood faced door. This kind of door adopts solid wood frame, and the veneer is made of maple, teak, beech, Manchurian ash and oak. It is characterized by beauty, generous shape, not easy to deform, and the price is relatively convenient. Joy home network

3. Except that the material of miscellaneous wood doors is slightly inferior to the log color, others, such as the processing principle and modeling process, are basically the same as the log color wood doors. It is characterized by beauty, not easy to deform, and the price is also lower than the log color wood door

the wooden grating glass door can be divided into frosted glass lattice door, car side glass lattice door, flat glass lattice door, painted glass lattice door, etc. according to the different types of glass used

the flat door has a long history, and its simplicity brings a sense of steadiness. Its materials include teak, maple, Manchurian ash, oak, etc. its characteristics are easy to clean, smooth and generous

usually used in simple and simple home decoration

wooden metal lattice door, especially with the breath and flavor of modern decoration, such as black metal modeling lines, log colored door frames, hazy glass, itself is an elegant and exquisite art

III. several main factors we need to consider when choosing wooden doors

1. Choose a home market certified by the consumer association that is satisfactory to consumers or trusted by after-sales service. Quality is the guarantee of everything

2. Shop around. For goods of the same style and brand, we should consider comprehensively from the aspects of quality, price and service. This door should be used for a long time, and shop around is the right way

3. Ask for a product warranty card from the merchant or the sponsor. The premise of warranty is to have a warranty card, which cannot be forgotten

4. To determine the door type, we should first clarify the style of the overall decoration design and select the matching doors and windows. Secondly, its use function should be determined according to the place of use. For example, according to the place of use and purpose, it can be divided into general decorative doors, shutter doors and decorative doors with glass, etc. Generally, decorative doors can be used as household doors. The shutter door is mainly installed in the storage room for ventilation. The decorative door with glass can be installed in the lobby of the room to increase the decorative effect

5. The material of the door should be consistent with the material of the overall decoration. For example, the wood floor is Fraxinus mandshurica, so you should also choose Fraxinus mandshurica materials when decorating the wooden door

6. The materials used for wooden doors should be dried materials, that is, the wood that has been dried by the manufacturer, rather than natural air dried wood. The biggest disadvantage of air dried wood is that it is easy to deform. Over time, deformation or cracking will occur, which greatly reduces the beautiful shape and decorative effect of the whole door. So when you order the door, you'd better choose the board

products made for you or processed by professional manufacturers to ensure the quality

7. The material, specification, quantity, price and amount of the wooden door must be indicated in the invoice and contract

8. Ask for the warranty card from the merchant or the sponsor

9. Know the name, address, contact person and telephone number of the sponsor and the manufacturer, so as to contact and solve quality problems in time

in a word, buying through regular channels and producing from regular manufacturers are the safe choice




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