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Less than 9 o'clock when the vegetable through train drove into the community, aunt Xie, a resident, came to the first place in the queue with a dusty cardboard box in her right hand and a plastic bottle in her left hand. The "garbage for vegetables" campaign had been spread in the community long ago, and everyone was looking forward to this day. "Aunt, what vegetables would you like to change?" The staff in red at the replacement site asked as they received the recyclables. "I just want to change a bunch of green onions." The aunt replied. In fact, she didn't quite know the rules of this replacement activity. She wanted to change whatever she could

within 10 minutes of the official start of the activity, the scene was already full of people. Some carried old cartons in tricycles with low sampling rate, some carried a large pile of old newspapers, and brought dozens of plastic bottles in small carts with cloth art. Within half an hour of the event, more than ten kilograms of cartons were collected, more than 40 kilograms of old newspapers were collected, and more than 400 plastic bottles were recycled. "The activity will last until 12 o'clock. According to this heat, these fruits and vegetables are not enough." Weiguiping, the person in charge of the vegetable cart and the manager of Beijing Xinfadi Baige Bay Company, said. All this can not be achieved without the vegetable through train, the cooperation of the territorial management personnel and residents, and the commander wangyanyong who got up early and took the car into the community

at 4 o'clock in the morning, just before dawn, wangyanyong set out. In order to ensure freshness, the cart should prepare fresh vegetables early in the morning. The cart captain wangyanyong was responsible for the goods in the market. "Tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables with large annual consumption are selected. Fruits are also selected in season. Today, red nectarines and green treasures are brought. At the same time, eggs and rice are also prepared." Wang Yanyong said. Because today's "garbage for vegetables" campaign was launched. I don't know the response, but I still prepared several more than usual

according to weiguiping, the company has signed an agreement with waste recycling enterprises, which will send a car to baigewan company every day. In this way, the waste cartons and other recyclable items brought back by the conductor from the community also have a place to go. At the same time, he contacted the community neighborhood committee and asked the neighborhood committee to help the community residents with the idea of garbage exchange and the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, which is very consistent with the publicity of vegetables

it was learned that the "garbage for vegetables" model was first carried out in the oil compound community on Xueyuan Road, and will be launched in 11 communities under Xueyuan Road next week. At present, Baige bay company has nearly 100 vegetable through trains, and the on-board vegetable direct sales have covered more than 200 communities such as Chaoyang, Haidian, Xicheng, Fengtai, Shijingshan, and more than 600 surrounding communities. If the "garbage for vegetables" model can be rolled out, it will have a scale effect

after the implementation of garbage classification in Shanghai, a lot of jokes have been written in the circle of friends. In general, they laugh at the fact that Shanghainese are "driven crazy" by garbage classification and see that Shanghainese are tortured by aunt's soul every day: what kind of garbage are you? However, on the third day of the implementation of waste classification in Shanghai, the Beijing Urban Management Commission also announced that it was accelerating the revision of waste classification law

not only the government is determined to revise the law, but also the enterprises are secretly making great efforts to respond to the call. It has been 8 years since the first community vegetable through train was built in Beijing in September, 2011. The through train brings fresh and cheap vegetables to the community residents and takes the needs of the residents into account. "We found that there are fewer and fewer people in the community to collect garbage at home. Many citizens have nowhere to go for the recyclable items accumulated in their homes, and the power of garbage classification is insufficient. We wondered whether we could use the" garbage for vegetables "model to" reduce the burden "for residents, and help them form a good habit of garbage classification." Weiguiping said that the "garbage for vegetables" model is once and for all, which can not only help residents save money, but also reflect the citizens' responsibility for environmental protection

as early as 2014, Nanjing began to pilot a market-oriented transportation level of 0.5/1000 for waste classification treatment, and the smart waste classification scorecard was used to promote the "waste for vegetables" initiative

in March last year, in some communities in Yunlong District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, garbage can also be directly used to exchange fresh vegetables, mainly relying on the platform independently developed by tenghaifeng, a college student village official. On this platform, domestic garbage and vegetables can be exchanged intelligently

in May of the same year, Xiamen city appearance and environmental health management office also announced that it would set up kitchen waste replacement points for vegetables. As long as people do a more detailed classification of kitchen waste, they can exchange it for fresh vegetables and take it home

zhouqijun, deputy director of Xueyuan Road sub district, said that the implementation of "garbage for vegetables" is a good method, which can promote the virtuous cycle of comprehensive recycling and effective utilization of garbage, and "throw bricks and introduce a variety of materials" for the garbage classification measures to be implemented in Beijing

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