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Vectornav GPS/INS is selected for the accurate UAV imaging payload

vectornav GPS/INS is selected for the accurate UAV imaging payload

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vectornav announced that its vn-200 GPS assisted inertial navigation system (INS) has been selected for integration into the TK series accurate imaging payload of overwatch imaging. Payload is designed for aerial intelligent mapping and automatic detection of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and manned aircraft

traditional tactical image payloads, such as stable turret systems, electro-optical cameras with small field of view and high zoom capabilities. These systems are very suitable for tracking target objects from high altitude areas, but they suffer from the soda straw effect: when such camera systems zoom in to view small targets, they can only see a small piece of ground. When the system zooms out to view a large area, the user cannot see smaller details/goals

stable soda straw video systems can be difficult when applications require small objects to be found in very large areas, such as industrial inspections or wide area land management surveys. Overwatch saw the opportunity to develop an imaging system. Using a high-performance rigid material, users can achieve higher image resolution and area coverage for low altitude manned and unmanned aircraft. In order to process all data, overwatch also developed automatic image processing software to convert images into Geospatial Intelligence

The TK series camera system of

overwatch imaging is designed around a unique, lowest point (pointing directly below) pitching, rolling and yaw stable installation. The system has an imaging module that can store sensors and optical elements for specific applications, an on-board Mini supercomputer and on-board storage for custom image processing algorithms

in order to cover a large area with high resolution, overwatch engineers developed a stepping scan camera motion function. Compared with the traditional mapping system, it can not destroy the scraped sample ratio, and each pass data is increased by four times. This enables the user to map the amount of ground passed each time by 4 times, increase the resolution by 4 times or a combination of both

in order to realize this advanced imaging technology, overwatch needs an inertial navigation system (INS) that can be directly installed on the optical pedestal. Doing so after "1025" will eliminate the requirement of relying on aircraft INS to obtain data, eliminate the requirement of encoder on each axis, reduce the complexity of control system and electronic equipment, and provide smaller overall shape factor (which is very important for small and medium UAS). For pitching and rolling under dynamic conditions, it is also very important for INS to provide low delay attitude data with 0.1 accuracy. This will create a faster workflow, reduce the load on the on-board processor for real-time image mosaic, and allow operation within a larger gap range

overwatch engineers investigated the market and selected several inertia products from various suppliers. The overwatch team focuses on identifying solutions that provide the highest accuracy with the smallest form factor and the most favorable price. Vectornav vn-200 rugged GPS assisted ins competes with all competing products in these categories. Vn-200 can output accurate position and attitude data up to 400 Hz and high gyroscope angular rate range (2000/s), so that TK series can maintain accurate attitude estimation when performing stepping scanning motion

vectornav enjoys a high reputation in the market, said gregdavis, founder of overwatch imaging. When comments on available solutions showed that vn-200 outperformed other ins solutions in terms of size, cost and performance, our choice was clear


tk series payload can be customized through the combination of camera, filter and lens to provide the best spatial and spectral resolution for the expected data acquisition and automatic image processing requirements. A key advantage of overwatch's business model is that it can quickly develop and produce these customized systems, and vn-200 can achieve this in both aspects. Davis said: setting up vn-200 is very simple. It can be used almost directly. Vn-200 also has an easy-to-use external GPS function, which enables us to support various external GPS required by customers

The vn-200 plays an important role in TK series payloads, providing valuable data for platform stability, side scan, step-by-step gaze function and accurate geographic positioning of target objects, making TK series stand out in the competition. In October, 2016, Textron system announced that it would integrate the overwatch imaging TK-7 firewall with vn-200 into Aerosonde small UAS. TK-7 Firewatch has a multi million pixel color focal plane array and a common infrared sensor, which enables the system to automatically detect abnormal conditions, such as hot spots mapped by wildfires. This enables field firefighters and forest health managers to more effectively monitor the use of rotating spindle heads, reminiscent of textile mills in the 19th century, to measure large areas and provide critical analysis, reporting and rapid response capabilities

The TK series of

overwatch imaging is used in many new applications ranging from vegetation management and infrastructure inspection to automatic target detection and geographic positioning

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