The hottest vantage company increased its capital

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According to the news on February 19, vantage has paid an additional $295million for the construction of data centers in Silicon Valley and Washington state

nowadays, the existing data center space in some major U.S. markets (including the existing low stress corrosion cracking sensitive ball screws can be pressurized, because the preloading can make the axial clearance reach a negative value, thus obtaining a high rigidity Silicon Valley) has been insufficient since 2010, and some data center suppliers have competed to expand the data center space inventory. For example, a customer of vantage company decided to reduce the capacity of its data center park in Santa Clara, California. Because 3 is to speed up the research and development of plastic equipment, this data center supplier can immediately provide new data centers, and is currently in the seller's market, which is a welcome news for Vantage company

although data center suppliers enjoyed the construction boom last year, the stock of the entire technology industry has dropped sharply recently, which may affect the demand of enterprises for wholesale data center space in 2016. The selling of technology stocks dragged down the shares of vantage's main listed competitors, and affected the shares of coresite real estate company, digital real estate trust company and DuPont fabros technology company to varying degrees

the new financing increased vantage's credit line from the previous US $275million to US $570million. The expansion of credit financing led to the expansion of RBC capital market

vantage released an existing customer's 12MW data center capacity in January, 2015. Vantage began to build the first data center in Santa Clara data center park. The project with 6MW power capacity is expected to be put into operation in the fourth quarter of 2016

suriel, President and CEO of vantage? Joyce said in a statement that the company will also expand the capacity of Quincy Data Center Park in Washington state and prepare to enter potential emerging markets

last year, the space demand of wholesale data centers in North America rose sharply. Some major network content providers, cloud services and other technology companies are expanding their production capacity to meet the demand of market growth

the demand for wholesale data center space in North America exploded last year. As a major supplier of web content, cloud services and other technology companies, it expanded its capacity to support their growth

according to a report of a commercial real estate company focusing on data centers in North America, vantage signed at least four large leasing contracts in Santa Clara last year. The data center power capacity of these transactions includes 3MW from Microsoft, 10MW from aristanetworks, 2MW from VMware, and 2MW from Symantec

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