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On November 25, 2005, Xiamen, China -- abb, the world's leading power and automation technology group, celebrated the successful production of its 100000th VD4 Vacuum Circuit Breaker in China at its joint venture ABB switchgear Co., Ltd. in Xiamen

abb also announced today that its new generation VD4 Vacuum circuit breaker was officially put into production in China

muhe, head of ABB China Power Technology Department, pointed out: "this is a new milestone for ABB switchgear Xiamen Co., Ltd. relying on the advanced technology imported from ABB Germany, the VD4 Vacuum Circuit Breaker produced by ABB switchgear Xiamen Co., Ltd. is helping Chinese customers improve power reliability, save energy and improve production efficiency. This advanced technology has further consolidated ABB's leading position in the Chinese market."

abb VD4 Vacuum circuit breaker is mainly used in 12kV power supply and distribution system to control and protect lines and loads. Since it was introduced into the Chinese market in 1994, the VD4 Vacuum Circuit Breaker produced by ABB has been widely used in various projects in China, including key projects such as the Great Hall of the people, the Three Gorges and Baosteel. ABB VD4 Vacuum circuit breaker has superior performance, safety and reliability, and has set a benchmark in this industry

in february2004, the 50000 VD4 Vacuum Circuit breakers were just rolled off the production line in Xiamen ABB switchgear Co., Ltd. In less than two years, the company welcomed the record 100000 VD4 Vacuum circuit breaker. Xiamen switchgear Co., Ltd. currently produces 600 circuit breakers per week, so it will become the most productive ABB factory by 2006

"We have always adhered to the policy of simultaneous introduction of local market demand and technology. The bonded aerogel material is known as the lightest solid in the world, which is the main reason why our electric iron and class F film have achieved the success of VD4 Vacuum circuit breaker. With the joint efforts of all employees, we have won the trust of customers with the fastest supply speed, the best quality products and services. We will continue to use leading technology First class products and services to better meet the needs of Chinese customers. "

Xiamen is one of the important base cities for ABB's business in China, and the group's five production enterprises in the city have achieved rapid development. ABB switchgear Xiamen Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is the first joint venture of ABB Group in China. At present, the company has become the largest manufacturer of medium voltage switchgear and circuit breakers in China because of its light weight, high strength, high stiffness and other good properties. Today In, the company achieved fruitful results and successively obtained a series of important orders to minimize the heat generated by the hydraulic system, including the newly won order contract for providing 33kV gas insulated switchgear for Guangzhou Metro Line 5, with a total contract amount of 90million yuan

abb () is a global leader in power and automation technology. It is committed to providing solutions for customers in the industrial and power industries to help customers improve production efficiency and reduce adverse effects on the environment. ABB Group operates in more than 100 countries and employs 103000 people. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including manufacturing, R & D, sales and services. ABB has more than 8000 employees in China, 24 wholly-owned and joint ventures, and sales and service networks in 30 cities across the country. To learn more about abb, please visit

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