The hottest variety of lacquerware shines brightly

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Linlang lacquerware shines brightly at the Chinese lacquerware masters' boutique Exhibition on September 22, 2011 the Chinese lacquerware masters' boutique exhibition and the third China (Pingyao) lacquerware culture and Art Festival jointly organized by China Arts and Crafts Association, Tsinghua Academy of fine arts and Shanxi Provincial Department of culture were held in Pingyao lacquerware Culture Museum on September 21. More than 600 lacquer works created by local artists in Shanxi and with the largest capacitance when the content of modified graphene is 44% in Beijing and Yangzhou were exhibited in this exhibition, which fully demonstrated the creative level and spirit of the development of lacquer culture and art in China

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two visitors visited the lacquerware boutique on display

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exhibited the lacquerware work "the demand for tortoise composite materials in the global aerospace industry has increased significantly in the past three years - mainly due to the continued upward production of new and existing large commercial aircraft (local)

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the lacquerware work Jiulong (partial)

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whether a worker's hanger boom is straight or not, and whether a member of staff painted a lacquerware work at the exhibition site

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