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as we all know, the flat top hung window is more functional and practical than the ordinary one. So what are the benefits of changing the ordinary flat top hung window to the flat top hung window? Don't worry, let's count these six benefits with Xiaobian

1. Avoid children meeting their heads and reduce hidden dangers: after the ordinary casement window is opened, children are easy to accidentally hit their heads, while the upper swing window does not need to worry about children meeting their heads because it is opened from above

2. There will be conflicts between curtains and window sashes. If you want to open a window for ventilation, you can't close the curtains tightly, especially at night. Opening a window for ventilation can't protect privacy very well But if you want to close the curtains, you have to close the windows. It's very uncomfortable in hot summer

3. Avoid opening the window to enter the rain: if we forget to close the window in rainy days, the rain will enter the room through the window, but the upward rotating window successfully avoids this phenomenon

4. Avoid the wind blowing directly on people's bodies: after the upper hanging window is opened, the wind is separated from the left and right by the window itself, which effectively relieves the strength of the cold wind when it blows in, while ensuring ventilation, which is more conducive to people's health

5. Avoid hidden dangers: the design of multiple locking points can effectively prevent thieves from entering the window when opening the window, especially suitable for low floor residents

6. Beautiful and space saving: swing up windows have become a fashion. There are many new high-end residential areas, and the windows are designed with the function of hanging up The upper hung window is more beautiful than the ordinary casement window after it is opened, and it also saves the indoor effective space

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