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The house is old, renovated, and immediately becomes radiant. But the renovation of old houses is more expensive and laborious than the decoration of blank houses. If only the surface is bright, regardless of the transformation of the basic engineering, it will only be a waste of time. Here are 20 key questions about the renovation of old houses,

when the house is old, it will immediately become radiant after renovation. But the renovation of old houses is more expensive and laborious than the decoration of blank houses. If only the surface is bright, regardless of the transformation of the basic engineering, it will only be a waste of time. Here are 20 key issues related to the renovation of old houses, which must be avoided by all means

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key 1 It is emphasized that there are many problems in the basic engineering

old houses. Spending money on decoration must be spent on the knife edge to avoid unnecessary waste. The problems to be solved must not be ignored. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the basic engineering to strengthen the physical fitness of the house

key 2 The budget depends on the degree of decoration

the decoration cost does not have a certain amount. For an old house with more than 20 years, the proportion of decoration cost depends on the degree of decoration plan. Some experts also suggest that the decoration budget can be estimated by 20% of the total price of the house

key 3 Try not to touch the clay work as much as possible

as long as the decoration touches the clay work, the cost of the compartment will naturally be large. For example, building a wall will lead to floor tile repair, wall repair, tile repair, paint repair, carpentry and other projects, which can be said to affect the whole body at the same time, so we must think twice

key 4 Solve the water leakage first

whether it is self occupied or sold, if there is a problem such as water leakage, because it involves a large problem, we must give priority to deal with it

key 5 The most basic principle of design and decoration is to avoid the displacement of rooms, especially sanitary ware and kitchen, because in addition to mud works, it will increase the cost of hydropower projects, and the displacement of drainage pipelines may cause water leakage in the future as long as the construction is slightly neglected

key 6 Beams, columns and load-bearing walls cannot be removed during demolition. Beams, columns and load-bearing walls have the function of supporting and bearing the building itself. Based on safety considerations and regulatory constraints, they must not be damaged arbitrarily. If it is necessary to move the structural part, it must be reviewed by the architect before construction

key 7 To cover or renovate the top floor, you need to apply to the relevant units first

many old houses have top floors or front and rear courtyards to cover. Therefore, the management and repair of illegal construction should not be ignored. Reporting to the relevant units first can save a lot of trouble and the trouble of the defendant, and will not waste the refitting money

key 8 The total electricity should be enough

now the household appliances are becoming more and more diversified, such as changing the window type air conditioner to the separate type air conditioner, adding a professional oven in the kitchen, dishwasher, changing the gas stove to the electromagnetic stove, and changing the water heater to the electric water stove. Relatively, the power consumption is also greatly increased, and the power distribution of each circuit is relatively non negligible. If it is a house of more than 20 years, it is better to replace the electric box with a fuse free switch, which is safer

key 9 All lines need to be piped

lines are best piped (wires, telephone lines, TV signal lines). The advantage of pipelining is that it can avoid rats or other animals biting wires, and it can avoid mutual interference of radio waves. In the future, when you replace or add lines, there are also pipelines to be found

key 10 Drainage and water supply are also connected with new pipes

generally, for old houses with a housing age of more than 20 years, the drainage pipe is too old and the pipe wall is seriously blocked, which not only cannot drain, but also has the phenomenon of water bursting out. However, a drainage pipe for the whole household will often flood the bathroom, kitchen or balcony of low-rise households because a household accidentally blocks the drainage. Therefore, it is best to connect a new pipe to the underground drainage place when re piping, and seal the old pipe and no longer use it, so as not to worry about the backflow of the drainage outlet

key points 11 Wood anti insect treatment

wood is best to use anti insect treated corner materials. Generally, corner materials have anti-corrosion treatment, but there may not be anti insect treatment. It is best to designate manufacturers to use anti insect treated corner materials, which can reduce the probability of being eaten by insects

key points 12 The bathroom, balcony and exterior wall are fully waterproof

only by being fully waterproof, there is no need to worry about the problem of water leakage, especially many people are easy to ignore the windowsill waterproof project; When refitting old houses, if aluminum windows need to be replaced, waterproof measures should be taken before and after the installation of aluminum windows, which is the most guaranteed practice

key points 13 Remove the tiles and even the original powdered cement.

after the tiles are removed, there will be a layer of original cement sand, followed by bricks or reinforced concrete. When removing the tiles, they should be removed at the same time, which can reduce the chance of tiles peeling in the future, and when re priming, it can avoid the wall being too thick and increasing the area used

key points 14 Try not to extrapolate the balcony

although only one wall is broken, there are many subsequent projects, such as aluminum windows or airtight windows, waterproof, etc., and now the law also plans that the balcony should not be extrapolated. If you feel it a pity that the balcony space is idle, you can use the balcony to beautify it into a garden or storage space

key points 15 Replacing woodwork with ready-made furniture

the most labor-intensive decoration is not only clay work, but also carpentry, which is also very time-consuming. Therefore, unless you need to use the house to create more storage space, it is recommended to use ready-made furniture instead. In addition, some old furniture can also be used

key 16 Ceiling plate decoration

some ceilings are uneven, and designers usually decorate them with plates because they are not easy to powder; Another function of ceiling decoration is to bury lamp holders, hidden lamp tubes, air-conditioning refrigerant pipelines, wires and other pipelines, so that these pipelines will not appear in the vision of living space, and the indoor planning will look very clean

key points 17 The floor material is mainly wear-resistant

the floor material is mainly wear-resistant





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