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The safety of room decoration is often ignored by people. In fact, there are many accidents caused by wrong decoration methods. Generally speaking, the following points should be paid attention to in the decoration project:

the safety of room decoration is often ignored by people. In fact, there are not a few accidents caused by wrong decoration methods. Generally speaking, in the decoration project, we should pay attention to the following points:

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first, in the home decoration, we should pay attention to that the floor of the building should not be completely paved with marble. The weight of marble is dozens of times higher than that of floor tiles and wooden floors. If the ground is completely paved with marble, it may make the floor overburdened. Especially above the second floor, the weight of the floor decoration materials of the house decoration that has not been identified by the house safety appraisal station shall not exceed 40 kg/m2

second, when decorating the room, it is not allowed to punch holes in the load-bearing wall, dismantle the wall connecting the balcony and doors and windows, expand the size of the original doors and windows, or build additional doors and windows. This practice will cause local cracks in the building and seriously affect the seismic capacity, thus shortening the service life of the building

III. The decoration of balcony and bathroom should try to use materials with small load, because excessive overload of balcony will overturn

IV. waterproofing of toilet and bathroom is also a key link in decoration. The general practice is to plug the floor drain before decorating the toilet and bathroom, put more than 5cm of water, and conduct the water pouring test. If it leaks, it must be waterproof again; If there is no leakage, it is also necessary to carefully lay the ground during construction, and do not damage the waterproof layer and arbitrarily change the plumbing and heating system

v. in order to pursue luxury in room decoration, the four walls are covered with plates, and the ceiling is inlaid with twoorthree layers of three-dimensional ceiling. This kind of decoration practice is not desirable. Because the four walls are covered with plates, it takes up a large space, which will reduce the area of the whole space, and the cost is also high, which is not conducive to fire prevention. Too low ceiling will make the whole room feel depressed

VI. when selecting wires, use copper wires instead of aluminum wires. Due to the poor conductivity of aluminum wire, the wire is easy to heat, loose joints and even cause fire. In addition, during construction, attention should be paid not to directly dig grooves and bury wires on the wall, but to adopt regular casing installation to avoid leakage and fire

VII. During construction, attention should be paid to avoiding drilling holes, drilling holes, hanging ceilings and installing artistic lighting fixtures on the concrete circular orifice plate

VIII. Indoor decoration should ensure the safety requirements of gas pipelines and equipment, and do not dismantle or modify pipelines without authorization, so as not to affect the normal operation of the system. In addition, it should be noted that the horizontal clear distance between power pipelines and equipment and gas pipelines should not be less than 10 cm, and the cross clear distance between wires and gas pipelines should not be less than 3 cm

IX. during kitchen decoration, do not put the gas stove on the wooden floor cabinet, and do not wrap the main gas valve in the wooden floor cabinet. Once the ground tank catches fire, the main gas valve will be difficult to close in the fire, and the consequences will be unimaginable





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