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The sliding door on the balcony (Foshan heavy sliding door _ Foshan aluminum door _ top ten brands of Foshan aluminum alloy doors and windows), the rain directly hits the balcony door under the wind. How to avoid the rain close to the ground on the balcony from entering the living room

the sliding door on the balcony (Foshan heavy sliding door _foshan aluminum door _foshan aluminum alloy door and window top ten brands), waterproof is one of the important functions. Rainwater directly hits the balcony door under the wind. Although the door leaf can be equipped with rubber strips on the door frame, it can only solve the rainwater on both sides of the door. How to avoid the rainwater near the ground of the balcony from entering the living room

from the practical application, imede integrates German door and window technology, and adopts a special design for the sliding door lower rail under the leadership of the German chief designer

the stepped high rail design can effectively prevent rainwater from entering the room. The following one is a three rail connected inclined high rail

01 one-piece high rail increases the difficulty of rainwater infiltration

the heightened guide rail seat, combined with the wide profile of the door leaf, makes the rainwater must pass through the gap between the horizontal material under the door leaf and the guide rail twice to reach the inner side of the room

02 stepped, low outside, high inside

stepped guide rail design, low outside, high inside. If the rain passes through the lowest guide rail, it will also face the obstruction of the high rail

▲ two high and low rails

03 inclined plane to avoid ponding

aluminum alloy sliding door tracks are inclined inclined planes rather than horizontal planes, so as to prevent rainwater from accumulating between tracks, and rainwater can only flow out along the inclined plane

04 there are drainage holes

the profile of the aluminum alloy sliding door track is provided with multiple drainage holes, and the rainwater flows out level by level through the drainage holes to divert the rainwater

▲ yimeide 80 sliding door with high and low rail design


below is the low rail plane track. It can be compared that the waterproof function of the track below is poor. It is generally used for kitchen doors or balcony doors with closed balconies, but this track also has advantages, such as convenient access and not easy to trip people, etc

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