A good life, a home, a love, a hundred treasures

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Love is the most special way of human emotional expression,

integrate the current state of mind into it, making the world taste thousands of different

home is the habitat of the human soul. With every stroke, you can write a perfect one

write a word of family with love,

crawl on the warm floor and grow up with children: play happily, longitude and latitude

weave a lifetime of soft whispers, with pampering, gentleness and hundreds of precious plates

write a family word with sincerity,

find a person who can spend a lifetime together; Even if time goes by, love will remain the same

cut each other's white hair under the lamp, and there are treasures of truth, love and hundred

write a word of family with gratitude:

the so-called parents are looking at your back on a long journey, and they dare not say anything if they want to recover their shelter

home remains the same, parents are sound, accompanied, concerned, and have a hundred treasures

because I love you, I accompany you all the way

because I love you, I always care about you

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