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China's domestic guided rockets have been exported, light in weight, cheap and more suitable for UAVs. According to relevant information, China's domestic brm1 laser guided rockets have completed foreign demonstration tests on China's domestic UAVs, which shows that China's domestic guided rockets have been successfully exported and improve the combat capability of China's UAVs

at Zhuhai Air Show, relevant Chinese units exhibited brm1 type 90mm precision guided rocket, which is made by adding control surface and semi-active laser guidance system on the basis of domestic 90mm unguided rocket, improving the strike accuracy of the rocket. It can be equipped on fixed wing combat aircraft, helicopters and UAVs to strike various targets at medium and short distances

CH-4 UAV carrying AR-1 airborne anti tank missile for mission

it is well known that domestic reconnaissance and strike integrated UAV has successfully entered the international market, occupied a considerable share, and has been widely used in actual combat. According to user feedback, relevant units are also improving and upgrading domestic reconnaissance and strike integrated UAV to better adapt to the battlefield environment, including adopting more economical Cheap weapons

according to relevant data, the domestic reconnaissance and strike integrated UAV is equipped with airborne anti tank missiles such as blue arrow-7 and AR-1. Its overall tactical and technical indicators are equivalent to those of the American helfa airborne anti tank missiles. These missiles have a long range, great power and high precision, but the cost and price are relatively high. The unit price of the helfa airborne anti tank missiles exceeds 50000 US dollars. If the logistics support Most of the existing domestic medium and low-grade products can be replaced with imported products. France purchases 200 helfa missiles, and the contract unit price has reached 30million US dollars. The price of domestic blue arrow-7 and AR-1 missiles is certainly much lower than that of helfa missiles. However, most domestic reconnaissance and strike integrated UAV users have limited economic strength, and still hope to have cheaper weapons, In fact, Americans also feel that it is too expensive to use all the hellfa missiles in the battlefield. The cost of developing precision guided rockets is only $8000, only about one seventh of that of the hellfa missiles. The weight of the hellfa missiles is also lighter. The price of domestic precision guided rockets should be lower than that of the United States, so UAVs can be mounted and used in large numbers, This time, the foreign side asked the domestic reconnaissance and strike integrated scientific investigation to show that the UAV should be equipped with precision guided rockets

precision guided rockets are more effective in attacking low value targets

the launch weight of domestic 90mm aviation rockets is about 15kg, and the weight of precision guided rockets should not be much more than this. The launch weight of lanjian-7 airborne anti tank missile is 50kg, almost three times that of the former. In addition, the diameter of lanjian-7 missile is 0.17m, while the diameter of 90mm aviation fire 61 cement sawdust board missile is only 0.09m, The former is twice as much as the latter, which means that the weight and resistance of precision guided rockets are much less than that of the blue arrow-7. Under the same circumstances, the domestic reconnaissance strike integrated UAV can be equipped with more weapons to strike more targets, especially those with low value, which is more suitable for the actual situation of domestic UAV customers

domestic Tianlei 2 small air to ground missile

from the situation of Zhuhai Air Show, the relevant domestic units are still very concerned about the development of small precision guided weapons in order to support the domestic reconnaissance and strike integrated UAV. For example, the domestic tianlei-2 light missile is similar in size and weight to the brm1 precision guided rocket, but it uses a more advanced guidance system. According to the information of the air show, Tianlei-2 guidance system includes relay inertial guidance and semi-active laser guidance system. In this way, the missile does not need the full range irradiation of the carrier aircraft, but only needs to irradiate at the end of the trajectory, reducing the difficulty of coordinated operations and improving the anti-jamming ability and the survival ability of the carrier aircraft. In addition, relevant Chinese units have also developed 100 kg, 50 kg or even 25 kg precision guided bombs. These bombs are light in weight and low in cost. The research on experimental aircraft is very thorough High accuracy, more suitable for UAV mounting

domestic 25kg precision guided bomb

the development of domestic precision guided weapons has enhanced the operational capability of domestic reconnaissance and strike integrated UAV, and improved the competitiveness of domestic UAV in the international market. The popularity of domestic UAV in turn promotes the further development of domestic precision guided weapons, which can be said to complement each other. (author's signature: Xiaofei pig's defense observation)

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