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The State Council issued the guiding opinions on resolving the serious overcapacity contradiction. In order to actively and steadily resolve the serious overcapacity contradiction in steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, flat glass, shipbuilding and other industries, and guide the resolution of other industries with overcapacity, the State Council recently issued the guiding opinions on resolving the serious overcapacity contradiction, hereinafter referred to as the guiding opinions. This is another major measure taken by the new government to coordinate and stabilize growth, adjust structure, promote transformation, and create an upgraded version of China's economy. It is also the focus of the current and future work to transform the mode of economic development and promote industrial restructuring

the guiding opinions pointed out that due to the influence of development stage, development concept, system and mechanism and other factors, some industries in China now have serious overcapacity contradictions. From the overall and long-term perspective, curbing the further intensification of contradictions and guiding the direction of investment are of great significance to accelerating the adjustment of industrial structure, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, preventing systemic financial risks, and maintaining the sustained and healthy development of the national economy. We should resolutely control and control the increment, adjust and optimize the stock, deepen system reform and mechanism innovation, and speed up the establishment and improvement of a market-oriented long-term mechanism to resolve the contradiction of serious overcapacity. This is a complex system project, and the task is very arduous. We must make careful planning, overall deployment, overall arrangement, and actively and steadily promote it

the guiding opinions emphasize that in accordance with the general principles of respecting the law, implementing policies according to different industries, multi pronged approach, and addressing both the symptoms and root causes, efforts should be made to increase the rotation of the test pieces of the machine, strengthen macro-control and market supervision, and resolutely curb the blind expansion of production capacity; Give full play to the role of the market mechanism, improve supporting policies, digest, transfer, integrate and eliminate a batch of excess capacity respectively; We will strive to innovate systems and mechanisms, accelerate the transformation of government functions, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading

according to the characteristics of the industry, the guiding opinions respectively put forward the opinions on the implementation of separate industries such as aluminum, flat glass and shipbuilding, which need to realize the evolution of the process of steel, cement and electricity, and identified eight main tasks to resolve the contradiction of serious overcapacity at present: first, strictly prohibit the construction of new capacity projects, and properly handle the illegal projects under construction by classification. Second, comprehensively clean up and rectify the built illegal production capacity, and strengthen the regulation and access management. Third, we will resolutely eliminate backward production capacity and guide the orderly withdrawal of production capacity. Fourth, promote the merger and reorganization of enterprises and optimize the industrial spatial layout. Fifth, strive to develop effective domestic demand and strive to improve the demand structure. Sixth, consolidate and expand the international market and expand foreign investment cooperation. Seventh, break through core key technologies, strengthen enterprise management innovation, and enhance the driving force of enterprise innovation driven development. Eighth, innovate government management, create a fair environment, improve the market mechanism, and establish a long-term mechanism

the Guiding Opinions also put forward supporting policies and measures to resolve the contradiction of serious overcapacity from the aspects of strengthening and improving industry management, strengthening land environmental protection supervision, and improving fiscal, tax and financial policies. The guiding opinions requires that all regions and departments should further improve their understanding, integrate their thoughts and actions into the decision-making and deployment of the central government, earnestly perform their duties, strengthen coordination and cooperation through the piston movement, and jointly promote the work of resolving the contradiction of serious overcapacity with a high sense of mission and the spirit of reform and innovation. All provincial people's governments take overall responsibility for resolving the contradiction of serious overcapacity in their respective regions. They should formulate specific plans and organize their implementation in combination with the actual situation, and do a good job in resolving the contradiction of serious overcapacity steadily

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