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The guiding ideology and main measures for the coordinated development of China's packaging industry and environmental protection

1, guiding ideology

protecting the environment and implementing the strategy of sustainable development are the fundamental guarantee for the healthy and smooth development of China's packaging industry. China's packaging industry is in a period of development, and its proportion in the national economy is still relatively low. The pollution of packaging to the environment is not as serious as that of western countries. Therefore, from the primary stage of packaging development, we should attach great importance to the protection of the ecological environment, adhere to the principle of synchronization between packaging development and ecological environment protection, and walk out of a new path of sustainable development suitable for China's national conditions

China will be in the primary stage of socialism for a long time. On the one hand, we must accelerate development. Only with economic development can we enhance our comprehensive national strength, improve people's living standards, make continuous progress in all social undertakings, and have a reliable material and technological foundation for environmental protection and ecological construction; On the other hand, we must attach great importance to the protection of natural resources and the prevention and control of environmental pollution. We must not separate the protection of resources and the environment from the development of economy, let alone oppose each other. Only in this way can we achieve sustained, rapid and healthy economic development. We must grasp the inherent law of developing economy and protecting the resources and environment of some universal machinery and equipment such as fluid and solid transportation, separation, crushing, grinding and drying, and pay great attention to the relationship between development and construction and the protection of resources and environment from the perspective of the long-term development of the country and the nation, so as to promote the coordinated development of environment and economy

the implementation of the sustainable development strategy with non-zero assumption is the internal requirement of the economic and natural laws, as well as the objective requirement for the smooth development of China's packaging industry. It is the only correct strategic choice. The development of China's packaging industry and the current situation and trend of environmental protection require us to put environmental protection and ecological construction on a more important position. In order to promote the coordinated development of packaging industry and environmental protection, we must adhere to the correct guiding ideology so that we can correctly grasp the direction and carry out good work

first, adhere to the unity of development and ecological environment protection. While accelerating the development of the packaging industry, we should effectively strengthen environmental protection and pollution control, and strengthen ecological construction, so that they can closely integrate and promote each other. Implement the correct (Development) construction policy, reasonably determine the development speed and construction scale, actively promote the transformation of economic growth mode from extensive to intensive, promote the coordination of packaging development with environmental protection and ecological construction, and realize the unity of economic, environmental, ecological and social benefits

second, insist on prevention first, combination of prevention and treatment, treatment of both symptoms and root causes, and comprehensive treatment. Packaging project construction should be planned, implemented and developed simultaneously with environmental construction to prevent new environmental pollution and damage

third, adhere to simplification and oppose excessive packaging. Packaging reduction can reduce waste, which is the most direct and effective way to reduce the negative impact of packaging on the environment. Our packaging should focus on multi-functional packaging, practical packaging, multiple cycle packaging, reduce the use of packaging materials, and try to eliminate one-time non recyclable packaging. It is necessary to strengthen publicity and guidance, insist on stopping the improper means of making money such as high packaging, low quality or packaging costs greater than the packaged goods, advocate appropriate packaging, simple packaging and standardized packaging, and regulate the waste of resources, increased pollution and excessive packaging in accordance with the law, restrict and even punish them

fourth, insist on strengthening environmental protection publicity and education in the whole society. To carry out environmental protection education in packaging, the primary task is to publicize and popularize the knowledge, policies and laws related to environmental protection and ecological construction in various forms, so that the masses can establish a good awareness of environmental protection and moral concepts, actively guide and mobilize all sectors of society to participate in environmental protection and ecological construction, and make every citizen consciously fulfill the obligation to protect the environment while enjoying environmental rights and interests

fifth, adhere to the strategy of rejuvenating science and technology, and rely on science and technology to promote the coordinated development of packaging and environment. Science and technology is the driving force for the development of green packaging. Vigorously develop green packaging projects, carry out research on new design, new process, new technology and new materials, and try to reduce the amount in packaging production and design. We should speed up technological progress and innovation in enterprises, vigorously promote energy-saving and consumption reduction technologies, promote cleaner production, and strengthen control over the whole process of production, consumption, and recycling. Relying on scientific and technological progress, we should save resources and reduce packaging waste. At the same time, we should strengthen the research on packaging waste recycling and recycling technology, turn harm into benefit, reduce packaging waste to the minimum, and put the development of packaging and environmental protection on the track of a virtuous cycle

sixth, adhere to the development of packaging according to law to protect the environment. The environmental protection law is a powerful legal weapon to protect and improve the environment. The rapid development of packaging industry will have a greater and greater impact on environmental protection. In order to reduce the impact of packaging waste on environmental protection, we should speed up the formulation of corresponding laws and regulations, manage the production, circulation and use of packaging products through legislation, and reduce environmental pollution. Establishing and perfecting the laws on packaging is an important part of governing the country according to law and building a socialist country with legal system. Only by further strengthening the legislative work and continuing to improve various laws and regulations, can the construction and development of the packaging industry be coordinated with the development of resources and environment

seventh, adhere to a clear system. For the resource loss caused by packaging production and the resulting impact on the environment, the principle of "who develops, who protects, who destroys, who recovers, who uses, who compensates, who pollutes, who governs" shall be implemented. We will improve the mechanism by which packaging closely integrates the development and utilization of various environmental resources with the protection and management of environmental resources, and integrate rights and interests well with. Industrial enterprises must be truly responsible for various environmental problems caused by products and packaging, and bear the direct economic expenses of packaging waste treatment directly related to their products. The commercial circulation department shall strengthen the management of various product packages in the circulation field, supervise the effective use of packaging materials, and have the obligation to recycle packaging materials, reduce packaging wastes and keep the environment clean. Those who cause pollution shall bear corresponding legal and economic responsibilities. Local governments at all levels and cities should be responsible for the environmental quality and ecological construction within their jurisdiction and establish strict systems at all levels

eighth, adhere to the combination of long-term development and reality. It is a long-term and arduous task to make China's packaging industry and environmental resources develop harmoniously and harmoniously, which requires unremitting efforts. To this end, it is necessary to make overall planning in combination with reality, highlight key points, act according to one's ability and proceed step by step. First of all, on the basis of careful and comprehensive planning, we should focus on key issues, strengthen governance and construction, and strive for a breakthrough in a short time. Secondly, we should proceed from reality, constantly make unremitting efforts, constantly strengthen public opinion publicity and education, improve people's awareness of environmental protection, speed up the formulation of feasible material recycling policies and regulations, gradually improve the waste recycling network, adjust measures to local conditions, and strive for practical results

ninth, adhere to the combination of macro-control and market mechanism, and implement policy preference. In accordance with the requirements of establishing a socialist market economic system, while giving play to the basic role of the market mechanism in resource allocation, we should attach great importance to the important role of the government in macro-control. By means of macro-control, green packaging that meets the requirements of environmental protection will be given preference in terms of investment, taxation, foreign trade and other policies. Priority will be given to planning, materials, technological transformation, new product development and other arrangements, and even appropriate financial subsidies will be given. We will comprehensively use various economic, legal and necessary administrative means to strengthen policy guidance and regulation, and promote the coordinated development of the packaging industry with environmental protection and ecological construction. Citizens can check "avoid crowding" in advance. 2. Main measures correctly handle the relationship between the development of packaging industry and environmental protection, which has become the consensus and bounden duty of packaging workers. The rapid development of the national economy requires the packaging industry to accelerate its development at a faster speed, which brings about environmental problems, which restrict the development level of the packaging industry. Therefore, how to meet the requirements of the development of the national economy for the packaging industry and not exceed the environmental affordability, that is, the regeneration ability and self purification ability of natural resources, is a major issue. We must firmly grasp the basic principle of development and protection, straighten out relations, take various measures, and take multiple measures to jointly manage

2.1 policies and measures

a. formulating development planning to coordinate the development of packaging industry and environmental protection, we must formulate a green packaging industry development plan that meets the requirements of environmental protection according to the current situation of China's packaging industry, with goals, priorities and step-by-step construction and implementation. The development of green packaging is of great significance for China to adapt to the world environmental protection market, pay attention to the world environmental protection market, participate in the world environmental protection market, make full use of resources and establish a resource regeneration system. However, the development of green packaging will encounter many difficulties such as changing traditional habits and increasing costs in changing the existing packaging materials and recycling renewable wastes. The national competent departments need to give full play to administrative intervention and macro coordination means, make overall planning, coordinate development and formulate the national green packaging development plan

b. implementing science and technology development strategy

implementing science and technology development strategy is an important measure to promote the coordinated development of packaging industry and environmental protection. Science and technology bring forth new technologies, new products, new materials and new processes, bring wealth and strength to go abroad. When implementing the strategy of scientific and technological development, we should pay attention to the close cooperation with colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, and closely combine the laboratory with production practice, so as to develop more green packaging products with high scientific and technological content; Pay attention to give full play to the talents of the engineering and technical personnel of various packaging enterprises and the vast number of employees, overcome the difficulties of developing green packaging materials with the wisdom of the group, and produce green packaging that meets the requirements of environmental protection

c. promote product green signs

green signs are also ecological signs or environmental signs. Any product marked with green mark indicates that the product meets the requirements of lifting the jaw to an appropriate height under environmental adjustment from production to use to final consumption and recycling

the implementation of green marks on products can not only improve the public's environmental awareness and guide consumers to select products that are less harmful to the environment, but also promote the factory to produce environmentally friendly and pollution-free products, and control and manage the production process of products according to environmental requirements. Products marked with green signs are easy to be accepted by the other party in foreign trade, and can enjoy preferential tariffs and prices. Therefore, the green mark is conducive to promoting the export of products

at present, many industrial developed countries generally implement green signs. We should learn from the successful experience of foreign countries, actively promote green signs and implement green plans. Relevant departments and industry organizations can use the method of issuing "green pass" to guide enterprise behavior. All products that meet environmental protection requirements shall be pasted with green signs on their products and packages to allow them to enter the circulation area

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