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About the overall installation guidance of tower crane

(1) preparation work

check whether the subgrade and track laying meet the requirements, bury the ground anchor, and determine the position of the ground anchor according to the rotation and lifting direction of the tower and the total height of the tower. Ground anchors are divided into main ground anchors and auxiliary ground anchors. The main ground anchor is the key to the erection of the tower body. All the loads of rotating and lifting the tower body are borne by the main ground anchor. In addition, the ground anchor still needs to be used when dismantling the tower. Therefore, it must be carefully buried to make it reach the required bearing capacity, and anti-corrosion treatment shall be done. The center of the anchor wheel must be consistent with the center of the gauge. Some interviewees put forward different opinions to ensure that the tower needs to add an oil replenishing unit in the system to automatically regulate the oil in the pipeline. During the lifting process, it always rotates along the center plane of the gauge, without eccentricity, so as to make the gantry bear balanced force. The auxiliary ground anchor is used to loosen the steel wire rope with rotation when the tower is lifted. This anchor is used as the anchor point of the safety steel wire rope to prevent the tower from falling in the opposite direction during the rotation of the tower

(2) overall installation

according to the procedures required in the manual, install the traveling mechanism, gantry and pressure iron. The jib is inserted into the support axis of the gantry platform, and the rail crib is erected according to the assembly size of the tower body. The tower body and tower cap are assembled so that the tower body is erected on the rail crib, and its axis is roughly parallel to the ground

(3) thread the steel wire rope

pass the steel wire rope of the winch through the pulley block from the cab to the tower cap, and finally fix it on the head of the crane. All the rope lengths and the distance between the two pulley blocks shall be determined by calculation

(4) before erecting the tower,

the controller, limit switch and other electrical equipment shall be checked, and the movable control panel in the control room shall be removed and installed on the outdoor support to facilitate the operation when erecting the tower. Clamp the rail clamp and wedge the anti-skid wedge under the traveling wheel. In order to strengthen the rigidity of the gantry, cross braces can be bound on both sides of the gantry. Before start-up, the responsibilities of each post shall be specified, and the division of labor and command liaison signals shall be strict. Experienced lifting personnel shall be responsible for the supervision of the main ground anchor. In case of any abnormal phenomenon such as looseness, stop the machine immediately and take measures (the pressure iron can be added to the ground anchor). Start the hoist to make the tower body about 200mm away from the track wood stack, stop the machine immediately and check the stress condition of all parts

(5) erect the tower

after inspection, it is confirmed that the condition is normal. Continue to start the winch to make the tower stand stably, and the steel wire rope at the auxiliary ground anchor will loosen. After the tower body is erected to 60, the winch shall slow down gradually with the change of the center of gravity of the tower body. When the center of gravity of the tower body is close to the installation hinge, the winch will stop working, use the mobile crane to make the smart home life better, tighten the safety wire rope, and slowly fall on the pre padded skid by the weight of the tower body. After the tower is stable, tighten the safety wire rope to make the tower slightly crooked, then remove the skid layer, and then loosen the safety wire rope to stabilize the tower

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