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Guinness strongly supports the Dalian Maritime Association to build a city on the port (on October 21, the cost of Dalian was 14 lower in the late 20th). Dalian, which is thriving because of the port, is the center of international shipping in Northeast Asia and an important platform for building a world-class shipbuilding and offshore engineering industrial base. In the golden autumn of October, this beautiful coastal city welcomed the 11th China Dalian International Maritime Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Dalian Maritime Association). After more than 10 years of cultivation and development, it has become the largest maritime exhibition in China. At this industry event, Guinness and Geni, the world's top brand of aerial work platform, observed the customer's standards in the inspection and use of the experimental machine e maintenance personnel operation and responsible custody s ™- 105 straight arm aerial work platform appeared

In 1998, when Guinness first opened the door to the Chinese market, it was the booming shipbuilding enterprises that took the lead in using Guinness aerial work platform. The safe and efficient aerial work platform was soon widely used, which not only greatly shortened the delivery time of shipbuilding enterprises, but also brought China's shipbuilding technology to a new height. However, with the arrival of the situation of "double excess" of shipping market capacity and ship market capacity, the ship market has been in a difficult period for a long time. At the same time, Guinness has also followed the strategic development, actively settled in the construction, petroleum, mining, power and leasing industries, and the LCD real-time display has accompanied the shipbuilding enterprises to rise against the trend and maintain stable development in the spirit of overcoming difficulties

Genie S ™- 105 straight arm aerial work platform is one of the earliest equipment produced offline in Terex Changzhou factory. In order to adapt to the harsh construction environment such as shipbuilding site, Guinness China's design team took Genie s ™- Genie s with 105 straight arm aerial work platform as prototype design ™- 100hd and Genie s ™- The 120hd operating platform uses high-strength square steel tubes and padded bumpers to protect operators and prevent collisions. In addition, the steel hole can better block the falling tools and resist the welding slag, and the steel platform rotator area shield can prevent the welding slag and debris from accumulating on the platform hoses, wires and hydraulic rotators. These two straight arm aerial work platforms can cope with the construction of large ocean going ships or medium-sized ships, providing an excellent solution for improving the productivity of shipyards

the exhibition of Guinness aerial work platform at the Dalian Maritime Congress won the favor of many participants and was actively preparing for the recovery of the ship market

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