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Guiyang "110 call center policewomen": 700000 stories about the police and the people

on the huge electronic screen of the 110 alarm service desk in the command center of Guiyang Public Security Bureau, the number behind the total incoming calls is flashing and increasing rapidly. As you can see, it took less than 10 minutes from 2484 to 2559

this number represents the real-time data that the 110 call center receives alarms every day. Usually, 5000 alarms are received a day, and each police officer receives about 500 alarms. Xuyan, commander of 110 alarm service desk of Guiyang Public Security Bureau, said

at the age of 37, Xu Yan has been working for 16 years

it seems that Xu Yan is a little less dignified and a little more amiable. She spoke patiently and carefully, with a calm tone, and talked about her work a little understated. Even when it was said that there should be superior grounding and suspect installation cases for excellent command and arrest of criminal suspects, there were few emotional fluctuations. She said: after 16 years, she has developed a good temper

1996, the 110 command center of Guiyang Public Security Bureau was established. Xu Yan, who just graduated from the police academy to make the actuator plug move quickly to the working position, became one of the first 16 110 police officers. At first, there were only 2 alarms in 110 command center, and about 200 alarms were received every day. Since then, the number of alarms has increased exponentially year by year

my colleague calculated an account for Xu Yan. Conservatively, it was calculated as 250 in a working day. In 16 years, Xu Yan received a total of 700000

in the first few years when Xu Yan became a 110 police officer, she and her colleagues worked one shift for 24 hours. Two people take turns to eat and go to the bathroom for fear of missing one. You can't chat or play at work. You must concentrate on staring at the screen and listening. After a class, I was so tired that I took off my earphones and kept buzzing in my ears

Xu Yan's basic working attitude is that there is no trivial matter in the interests of the masses. In the past 16 years, Xu Yan has encountered many trivial things every day. Only 30% of the alarms are valid, and the rest have nothing to do with the alarm. Some are drunk in the middle of the night, some ask what to do if the beef stew is not rotten, and some test the effect of new calls

whenever I am upset, I will remind myself that I am a people's policeman. Xu Yan said that this is not an empty statement. The alarm is a bridge between the government and the masses, which may affect the image of the police and even the government in the hearts of the masses

once, a primary school student called the police and said: Aunt police, I didn't do well in the exam. My father wanted to beat me and I wanted to leave Guiyang. Then he hung up

Xu Yan hurriedly dialed back to a public shopkeeper. Xu Yan asked the shopkeeper to quickly recover the child and comforted him that the police aunt would accompany you home, ensure that your father would not hit you, try every means to stabilize the child's mood, and let the child say his home number. Xu Yan then asked the shopkeeper to stabilize the child and immediately beat him at home. Anxious parents rushed to Guiyang railway station according to the detailed location provided by Xu Yan and found the child who was about to run away from home

in Guiyang public security system, Xu Yan is a famous business expert. Steel Union News reported that the six-year work of receiving police had trained Xu Yan into a living map of Guiyang, and all the streets and alleys of Guiyang were in her mind. She said: I know a lot of places that old Guiyang doesn't know

Xu Yan remembers that when she first started working, she had a call for help and said that she was having difficulties in Heye lane. Based on her vague memory of the place name, Xu Yan issued an order, but the police did not find any helpers when they arrived at the designated place. Xu Yan asked the caller carefully again, only to find that she had mistaken the location

the incident taught Xu Yan a profound lesson. After that, Xu Yan began to memorize place names by rote. There is a detailed map of Guiyang on her desk, which is densely marked with marks. The jurisdiction of each police station is indicated by lines. Where the lines intersect, Xu Yan will investigate on the spot to determine the jurisdiction of each police station. Sometimes when going shopping, in addition to paying special attention to the street signs, she also needs to talk with the local people and ask about the situation of the place, because she needs to know not only the official name, but also the customary address of the people

only with such proficiency can we give accurate alarm instructions. Xu Yan said

one night, a victim reported to the police at the Dongshan memorial archway in Guiyang that he had been robbed, and the suspect took a van to escape towards Luosi mountain

Luosi mountain is an area with complex terrain. After a little thought, a detailed capture map appeared in Xu Yan's mind. Because the escape section was under the jurisdiction of three police stations, Xu Yan gave instructions to the relevant police stations, made clear at which intersection the police of all roads stopped, and tied up a pocket. Soon, the suspect was captured by the police at an intersection. At this time, it was only 18 minutes before receiving the report. The suspect couldn't believe it. He even said that you were too fast

16 years ago, the first batch of 110 police officers in Guiyang left one after another due to work adjustment and other reasons. Now only Xuyan is left. Xu Yan thinks she is an ordinary stick. During the 16 years, Xu Yan spent seven of her new year's Eve at work. On the day before the Chinese New Year's Eve in 2010, Xu Yan's mother accidentally fell down and broke her femoral head. On the eve of the lunar new year, Xu Yan handed her mother over to her aunt to take care of. She sat down with all kinds of concerns and stuck to her post before receiving the police

it was also the new year's Eve. Xu Yan received an alarm. The other party said: I have nothing to do. I just want to wish you a happy holiday. You are too hard. He told Xu Yan that in the past, the chartered car in his home was stolen. After the alarm, 110 received the police officer to command the police station and the high-speed traffic police to help him find it, reported the stolen vehicle information in the public security system, and helped him report the loss of the current UTM experimental machine in the vehicle management office

when they learned that Xu Yan was the one who helped them all the way, the other person thanked him repeatedly and joked that we were really destined

at this time, I felt the significance of guarding the lights of thousands of families. Xu Yan said that maintaining social peace through the way of alarm is boring but also happy. This year, we have received a significant reduction in the number of "two robbers and one thief" alarms on the national day. As a policeman, I feel very happy

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