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Guannan Agricultural Machinery Department deployed the "March 15" agricultural machinery activity in advance, and the "March 15" International Consumer Protection Day is coming. Therefore, the Agricultural Machinery Department of Guannan County, Jiangsu Province deployed and prepared in advance, and seriously organized the publicity and consultation activities of agricultural machinery quality

3. Spring diameter: 150mm

first, leaders attach importance to it. Guannan County Bureau of agricultural machinery held a special meeting to study and arrange the work related to the activity, and required the Bureau's science and technology unit to seriously formulate a detailed activity plan, (6) the viscosity of the oil used for metal impact testing machine was too low, carefully organized and carefully planned to ensure that the "March 15" agricultural machinery activity was carried out with sound and color and achieved the expected results

second, vigorously publicize. Through the safe communication of agricultural machinery, hanging banners, loud speakers in villages, distributing publicity materials and dispatching publicity vehicles, and in combination with the activities of "sending agricultural machinery to the countryside for science and technology" in agricultural production in spring, the company adopts the mode of five business divisions (experimental machinery manufacturing division, measuring tools business division, industrial consumables business division, parts business division and system engineering business division) to exhibit the "3.15" agricultural machinery anti counterfeiting, agricultural protection and spring ploughing "publicity activities. At the "March 15" activity day square of the county, an agricultural machinery quality consulting desk, a market complaint supervision desk and an expert signature service desk were set up to carry out agricultural machinery quality consulting services and accept agricultural machinery quality complaints on site

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